The Secrets You Have To Know About Watch Crown

The Secrets You Have To Know About Watch Crown

Crown, is a watch in a seemingly insignificant small parts, but it contains unknown magical power. The crown is made of steel, titanium, ceramic or gold, usually outside the three o'clock position of the dial. It is used to adjust the date and time, and the upper chain. The crown (or upper-string Crown) of a mechanical watch can also be used to top the movement.

1. Common classification of crown

1.1: According to its shape can be divided into: fruit-shaped, octagonal, gear-shaped, onion crown, pumpkin crown, hip-hop Crown, small crown, spiral crown, folding crown, hidden crown, etc. .

1.2: According to its style can be divided into a single table crown, shoulder table crown, bridge table crown, ears table crown, hidden table crown, etc. .

1.3: According to its usage, it can be divided into common crown (push crown) and screw crown (screw crown) .

2. The shape characteristics of the crown

The crown is different in shape, and a bridge protecting device is arranged on the outside of some crowns, which is mainly used to protect the crown from injury. Other watches have diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald (emerald) , Emerald, spinel, and so on embedded in the crown, giving the watch a different appearance, people can choose according to their personal preferences.

3.Function of the watch crown

The crown also differs in function. The ordinary crown is also called the push-in crown, can pull out the adjustment time directly, has the calendar watch first gear adjustment calendar, the second gear adjustment time. Unlike the spiral crown, which has long been a favorite of many brands with a long history, the spiral crown allows people to get an intuitive sense of the watch's culture, classic Style permeates the formal design, and the designer usually reflects the value of the watch by carving a unique logo on the crown.

4.Characteristics of the crown

The crown has one characteristic: it is prone to water ingress. Watch crown is the most easy part of the water, it is good or bad to a large extent determines a watch waterproof performance, can say: a watch waterproof performance depends on the crown. The spiral crown solves this pain point very well, because of its special spiral locking way, it effectively improves the waterproof function of the watch, and is a necessary crown for professional diving watches. It should be noted that the crown screw lock, counter-clockwise rotating crown, crown unlock, can be used normally, operation should pay attention to lock the crown.